Amand Weaver
1st Assistant Director, 2nd Assistant Director
After a lifetime of involvement spanning more than 30 years I am still passionate about the Film & Television Industry.. I bring with me a reputation of being hardworking, reliable and approachable. In addition I always deliver 100% dedication to my work with an unparalleled work ethic to ‘Get The Job Done’.

Throughout my years in the industry I have worked in various roles from cast to casting, production, stunts as well as my current role onset for the last 18 years as an Assistant director. I possess a fantastic ability for problem solving and observation. This combined with my 34 years on set gives me the ability to extract myself from the current situation and examine it from multiple perspectives both visually and logically, in order to advance the creative process.

During my time I have worked with some of the most recognised brands both in New Zealand and the worldwide including amongst others;

Disney, Renaissance Pictures, Starz, Pokemon, Telunsu, Air New Zealand, Cadburys, Intercontinental Hotels, Rebel Sport, Icebreaker, Coca Cola, Gatorade, Heineken, Toohey’s, Lion Breweries, Dominion Breweries, Budweiser, Magners, Jameson’s, Bacardi, The All Blacks, Samsung, Vivendi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, Swisse, Comcast.

In doing so I have worked alongside some of the top directors in the industry worldwide including;

Sam Raimi, Andrew Adamson, Vincent Ward, Adam Rykis, Jonathan King, David Slade, Charlie Haskell, Mark Beesley, Lee Rogers, Muneyuki Sekiya, Stuart Rideout, Lee Rogers, Alex Paul, Garth Davis, Ellen Kuras, Rychei Shingu, Darryl Ward, Garry John, and Nathan Price amongst others.

My ability to adapt to all situations, whether working with Elite Hollywood stars, Foreign line productions, animals, children or stunts is what sets me a part from most. My onset and real-life experiences have merged to give me one of the strongest insights into the process and danger involved with physical effects and stunts, the knowledge to comprehend the often-invisible requirements of visual effects, and the empathy and understanding to deal with young talent.

Additional Information
• First Aid Certified (NZQA 6400,6401,6402)
• Full public liability insurance
• Full New Zealand Drivers Licence
• New Zealand Passport
• British Passport
• Working at heights certified (NZQA 15757,23229)
• EWP and Mobile Platform Certified (NZQA 23962,23960,23966)
• Fire Safety & Warden Certified (NZQA 3271,4647,18408)
• Member of SIGANZ
• Member of the New Zealand Stunt Team
'Mulan' FF (1st AD Promotional Unit)
'Ash Vs Evil Dead S3' TV Series (1st AD EPK)
'Reins of War' SF (2nd AD)
'Ash vs Evil Dead S2' TV Series (1st AD/UPM Bitesize Unit)
'Ash vs Evil Dead S1' TV Series (2nd Unit 2nd AD/Additional 1st AD)
'Terry Teo' TV Series (Additional 1st AD)
'Westside' TV Series (2nd AD)
'Born To Dance' FF (2nd AD)
'Emperor' FF (2nd Unit 2nd AD)
'The Warriors Way' FF (3rd AD)
'Under The Mountain' FF (2nd AD)
'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian' FF (3rd AD on location in NZ)
'30 Day's of Night' FF (2nd Unit 2nd 2nd AD)
'Uso Brother' SF (1st AD)
'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' FF (3rd AD on location in NZ)
'Goober Bros' Childrens TV series (1st AD)
'Us' SF (1st AD)
'Hercules' Mini Series (3rd AD on location in NZ)
'River Queen' FF (3rd AD on location in NZ)
'Power Rangers: Dino Thunder' TV Series (3rd AD)
- present. Various New Zealand music videos (1st AD)
- present. Various New Zealand and International TVC (1st AD)
- present. Various New Zealand and International TVC (2nd AD)
- 2005. Various New Zealand TVC (3rd AD)
New Zealand Passport
British Passport